Medical Insight | Q1 2024

By Nicolas Milner

As we conclude the first quarter of 2024, RWC Medical is pleased to share our latest insights into the medical property market, highlighting the significant trends and developments we’ve observed. This quarter has seen dynamic changes, particularly in the areas of strata, freehold properties, and specialised facilities like childcare centres.

Our detailed report provides an in-depth look at these key segments, exploring how they have evolved and what these changes mean for stakeholders in the healthcare sector. The insights gathered are critical for anyone involved in healthcare real estate, from investors to practitioners looking to expand or refine their facilities.

For a closer look at these trends, please view the complete Medical Insight for Q1 2024 available here:

If you are contemplating the valuation of your property, or if you’re looking to sell or lease your medical facility, consult with our specialist agents at RWC Medical. Our team is equipped with the expertise and experience to provide you with the best possible advice and support.

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  • The Stability of Private Hospital Strata Suites in the Face of Varying Cash Rates

    The commercial real estate sector, particularly private hospital strata suites, exhibits remarkable resilience amid economic shifts. Despite fluctuating cash rates, the demand for these essential healthcare facilities remains inelastic, driving consistent price growth from 2008 to 2023. Limited supply and stringent regulations bolster this trend, making these properties a stable and strategic investment for medical professionals. The sector’s immunity to broader economic conditions positions it as an attractive option for those looking to secure a future in healthcare services.

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  • Australia’s Healthcare Industry Faces Severe Worker Shortage: Addressing the Crisis

    Australia’s healthcare industry is confronting a critical shortage of workers, a challenge intensified by the aging population and a 15% surge in medical service demand expected in the next three years. With 1.7 million current jobs, the healthcare sector is the nation’s largest employer, representing 30% of the workforce. However, a daunting forecast predicts over 100,000 worker shortages by 2025.

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